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The Great Dog Food Debate

June 28, 2011

Any veterinarian worth going to will tell you that canned food is better than dry kibble, and that home-prepared is the best (provided you have done your research and have good nutritional advise from a professional).  There seems to be continued debate among vets regarding a raw diet, but even that is becoming rather mainstream now.  Although my own comfort level doesn’t embrace feeding raw, I can’t disparage those who choose this course.  The only question that comes to mind when I talk with those who feed raw, is that many buy the raw diets provided by dog food manufacturers that are available at most pet food stores in the freezer section.  I’ve become wary of any kind of food deemed “pet” or “dog” food, as it never meets standards that are used for human food sources. 

As the sole provider of my dogs’ nutritional needs, I don’t want to feed a food that’s “good enough” for dogs, or worry about the endless recalls that have seemingly begun appearing every few months.  When I adopted Delilah, and then Jasper, I started them out on what they were most accustomed to eating and then moved to an organic canned dog food.  Next, I fed canned in the mornings, which is easy and time-efficient on workdays, and introduced home-cooked for their late afternoon meal. I figured I could cover all possible bases this way, including enough variety, vitamins, minerals, etc.  But I have to admit that all the while I was concerned about the dreaded recall.  I just never knew if the food I had picked would be the next to fall, and that’s unsettling.

Then Jasper decided he just didn’t like dog food anymore.  Any dog food.  Period.  He simply refused to eat it.  So I can credit him with relieving me of my laziness, and convincing me to feed a completely home-cooked diet.   He had come with some digestive issues anyway, and the change adressed these, as I’ve seen happen time and time again.  A dog or cat develops a food sensitivity, allergy, or chronic illness, and when switched to a home-prepared diet improves dramatically in health and happiness.

I offer no advice here, just my own experience.  The difference is clear for us, and it’s certainly been worth my time and effort.  And no more recalls!  Happy tail-wagging eating to everyone!

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